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Big Pineapple - Another Chance (Don Diablo Edit) | Official Music Video


Steam & download song: The mysterious Big Pineapple grew up on a remote island where he was left as a baby. Growing up there he made the most out of his lonely situation, mostly making toys and later on art from the pineapples he was surrounded with. A few years ago he met a stranger who showed him the wonderous world of electronic music. He fell in love with the sound immediately and decided to dedicate his life to making music. Years pass. Until one day that stranger, having seen his dedication and hard work, decided to take Big Pineapple under his wing. That stranger is also known as Don Diablo and the rest is...well about to be history. Another Chance is the first official release but fear not, this is only the start... #PineappleSquad Special thanks to the beautiful and kind people of India. Filmed and edited by Jessey Bijl SFX: Viktor Kilbo Executive Producer: Don Diablo ⬡⬢ Don Diablo ⬢⬡ Spotify ⬡ Merch ⬡ Instagram ⬡ Facebook ⬡ Twitter ⬡ YouTube ⬡ SoundCloud ⬡ ⬡⬢ Big Pineapple ⬢⬡ Instagram ⬡ Facebook ⬡ Twitter ⬡ ⬡⬢ Hexagon ⬢⬡ Instagram ⬡ Facebook ⬡ Twitter ⬡ Website ⬡ Big Pineapple - Another Chance (Don Diablo Edit) | Official Music Video


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