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[ Tutorial ] HUtv #1 | How To Pack Al Fakher Video + Session Timelapse (1080p)

Канал Hookah Unbiased  Hookah Unbiased
Опубликовано: 2017-03-09
Просмотров: 7,023
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Sarkis Gregorian shows you the best way to pack Al Fakher in 5 different bowl types: an egyptian clay bowl, a small phunnel, a large phunnel, a silicone bowl, and an even smaller phunnel bowl. A timestamped timelapse shows just how long you can make even 12 grams of Al Fakher last so tune in! results: -large phunnel (rook large): though it used the most amount of tobacco it died out earliest due to a much larger surface area. -egyptian bowl: it held the flavor longest, but it was most temperamental and had to be tended to as such. It also provided the smallest size clouds. -the silicone bowl (samsaris v1): smoked the best and produced the largest size clouds. -the 12g phunnel bowl (tangiers small): used the least amount and provided clouds+flavor for almost as long as... -the small phunnel (fudge bowl): provided the best all around session with the least amount of maintenance required with clouds and flavor for the entire time. Set up used: handmade Egyptian pipes and double foil with provost heat controllers all around with the exception of the samsaris c1 which was designed for the Lotus-type HMD. This way every possible aspect is unchanged except for the bowl itself. We hope you enjoy the video and encourage you to share for the benefit of the hookah smoking community! If you disagree with the tutorial please comment your opinion - but please provide reasoning to your statements as well :) if it makes sense we might utilize your method in a future AF video!


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